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My guest today is Randall Grizzle. Randall is a sales superstar.

Randall is here today to share his experience with us. He shares his tips and tricks to increase your revenue. He also shares his values and how to be an honest salesman.


[0:34] Birth of a Salesman

Randall Grizzle dropped out of college at 20 years old. He ended up starting a concrete construction company with a high school friend. He was doing custom concrete work in suburban neighborhoods. Other companies began to take notice of Randall’s success. He soon noticed other companies competing in his space. This showed him he needed to do something new.

He began to work for a company doing commission based work. It was a struggle for him, but this gave him the skills he needed to grow. The economy had taken a downturn at this point. Randall began to identify there was a demand; people looking for change.

The company he was working for began to fall apart. Now Randall found an enticing post on craigslist. The post was looking for sale superstars. They were offering $150-300,000 a year. Randall made the phone call which happened to be one of Russel Brunson’s offices. The office was filled with coaches and knowledgeable internet marketers.

Randall found success at his new job. Within his first few weeks, he did $38,500 in sales. Two months into it he had brought in more employees for his team. He had gotten over $100,000 weekly.


[8:09] Sales Comes from Listening

Randall learned a lot from the people around him. His foundation is built on a series of principles. Being truthful is very important. You need to have everything in alignment for your business. Whatever product or project you’re selling you need to come from a place of truth. It’s a complete misconception that you need to lie to your customers to sell a product.

Provide the facts of your product. Time, Knowledge, Decision Making, and Money. These are the foundations to build your business sales on. You need to be able to listen and analyze the information you receive.

You need to want to work with your client. Most of the time people say selling is to inform and educate. It’s important to ask the right questions that give us the ability to listen. Listening to your customer helps you outline the steps you need to move forward.

Someone in your company needs to be a gatekeeper. They need to bring your company to the level of creating relationships. Listen, Analyze, Ask.


[12:25] Cherish Your Brain Space

You don’t need to be worried about closing every sale. You need to be worried about closing the right sale. There are tons of clients out there. Don’t crumble or get discouraged when you don’t close that one sale.

Randall has closed six-figure deals through over the phone consulting. Whether you’re selling large or small your close needs to be consistent. You only have so much brain space and it’s much easier to focus more on higher paying clients. You need to be proud of how you’re spending your brain space.
Most of the time those higher level tasks are easy. It’s more often the smaller level tasks are actually more difficult. The higher level tasks already have a fundamental framework built. Whereas the smaller level tasks are just getting started up.

Creating an attractive character appearance for your business can be a challenge. You also need to understand the value behind what you’re offering or being offered. Sometimes you have to say no to a client. If they don’t see the value behind what you’re offering than they might not be a fit.


[21:10] Journey Through Sales

Randall was making good money with .com secrets. He ended up having 5-6 teams with 10 employees each. They were selling smaller packages but in high volume. There was an issue with their merchant and they couldn’t process cards. It changed their company overnight. Russell started restricting .com secrets. Randall built insurance teams and sold insurance for 2 ½ years.

He didn’t have a passion for selling insurance. The money was good but there was no passion in his role. He began working closely with Russell to help him fill his inner circle. All the different relationships he was able to create was an amazing feeling. It gave him the confidence and courage to build something great.

[25:33] Sales Secrets

Randall ventured out on his own and started closersecrets.com. He wrote a book with Tom Ridge and found that action creates momentum. He wanted to tell a story about what he does. He’s built a community within the internet marketing space. He helps with funnels, traffics, video, sales, and financing options.

He felt the market was asking for something like this. He wrote the book to be able to provide the knowledge that he’s gained over the last 10-15 years. Sales are about doing things the right way and coming from a place of truth.


Episode Outline

Introduction: Learn How to Be a Sales Superstar

[0:34] Birth of a Salesman

[8:09] Sales Comes from Listening

[12:25] Cherish Your Brain Space

[21:10] Journey Through Sales

[25:33] Sales Secrets


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