Ramon Ray – Being Passionate In The Business You Chose

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Introduction: Ramon Ray – Being Passionate In The Business You Chose

My guest today is Ramon Ray.

Ramon describes himself in two lights. On one side he says most people see him as a consultant and the rest have no idea.

We asked Ramon how would he describe himself? “First and foremost I am an entrepreneur. Next, I would be a speaker. I am very passionate about encouraging that entrepreneurial spirit. The other thing I do I work with large companies and train them how to better reach small businesses.”


[2:22] Jumping into our time machine

Let’s take a second and jump right into the Biz Ninja time Machine here. Could you take us back to Ramon Ray’s first entrepreneurial venture?

Ramon describes his first venture as family computer consulting service. It was him as a solopreneur in a time before computer and user-friendly was a thing. He set out to find people who needed help with a fairly new concept and capitalized on that.

So how did Ramon Ray go from a computer systems consultant to a best selling author, passionate keynote speaker and more?

One of the first bridges Ramon recalls crossing is how his consulting lead to educating. He remembers one particular day sitting in the Jacob Javits center and discovering the internet. It was from there his work with Microsoft Frontpage and AOL began. That was really his first foray Into uploading content.


[4:50] What is the essence you talk about in personal branding?

Do you have a story? It’s important to have an engaging backstory. You need to be able to tell people I am a writer and a speaker “ in Ramon’s case”. If you don’t have a story you need to start creating one get out there and do things.

Next, once you have a story you need to find a way to telegraph it. While Ramon’s preferred method is to actually get out there and speak to groups of people. He makes note that the growth of the online world makes it easy to nurture and grow your own tribe.

So how does Ramon Ray get himself out there? what is it you do to get seen? First of all, you have to get seen. Videos, videos, and more videos! Take pictures of you clipping your dog; do whatever you can to get eyes on you and be consistent with it.

It’s all the little consistent steps you take that get you out there, Today I am on this show with you! It’s an amalgamation of all these things that get people reaching out and saying “ Ramon I want to talk to you”

As I like to say, Document and Share – document what you have been up to and share your day.

Ramon Makes mention to Gary Vikan as being one of the more physical examples of branding working. Mr. Ray though would much rather point any small business owner getting started to just Look at Tyler. To look at Ramon, It’s the people like us that are more approachable. There are only a few people on top it’s the rest of us making the world go round.


[11:37] Being passionate and avoiding the factor of comparison

One key point Ramon brings up is that Factor of comparison. There is only going to be a one Lebron James in the world and one Gary Vikan. It’s not about getting that top slot it’s about doing your own thing, enjoy life and being the best you can be. This reminds me of a favorite quote by Theodore Roosevelt  “ Comparison is the thief of joy”.

Here’s how I like to describe the quote … Pretend you are someone who just accomplished something awesome! You should be rejoicing but instead, you devalue your accomplishment by comparing. You compare it to someone who is farther along in their journey. That’s just not a fair thing to do to yourself.


[13:56] Finding the balance between Ramon ray and Smart Hustle magazine

Ramon says it really depends on where one wants to go. If you are really passionate about that one thing, as an example the Bizninja, you would want to pour all your time and effort into that brand. If you think you might want to sell tires today but 2 years down the line want to do something new, then you are the brand.  Personal branding is the best basket to put your eggs.

Mr. Ray is happy with Ramon being his most visible brand identity It gives him the freedom to bring new things to the table all the time. While he might live and breath Smart Hustle Magazine right now it just another Feather in the Ramon Ray hat.

He has lots of passion’s in his life along with SHM he has his wildly popular speaking events.  He notes how some things like events don’t always end up being breadwinners. It’s getting out there and that feeling of building up his community he really thrives on and enjoys.


[24:50] Finding the Smart In Smart Hustle

The concept of smart hustle means not just hustling for the sake of hustling. Rather it’s hustling with intent and within measurable means.

Ramon says that is exactly why he Started SHM. He wanted a place that focused on his people; the hustler the entrepreneur, not politics or sports. Ramon loves the grind and the hard work sometimes to the point where perhaps he should not. He tells us It’s all about adding the Smart into the hustler equation. It’s about knowing your business, knowing where your profit margins are and doing smart business. You can put in all the effort in the world but if you are not being smart about it you stand to get nowhere.


[26:03] Ramon’s words of wisdom

Are you just getting started out in business or are you worn from the grind? Here are a few words are a few words from the wise.

Ramon says to write on a list like a piece of paper, write everything down you are doing and prioritize them. Then tie money to it, look at the time spent on each and where the profitability lies.  Ray finds a lot of entrepreneurs spend countless hours spinning their gears. Most of the time it’s on things that don’t really need the time spent on them. The profitability might not be there to be worth the time and effort.

Also Growing a team and being able to delegate to them is crucial. Ramon found hiring a virtual assistant was the right push he needed to transform his business. It gives him the time back to worry about the things that matter to him.


Episode Outline

Introduction: Ramon Ray – Being Passionate In The Business You Chose

[2:22] Jumping into our time machine
[4:50] What is the essence you talk about in personal branding?
[11:37] Being passionate and avoiding the factor of comparison
[13:56] Finding the balance between Ramon ray and Smart Hustle magazine
[24:50] Finding the Smart In Smart Hustle
[26:03] Ramon’s words of wisdom





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