Back in 2010 I launched my radio show on NBC News in Southern California. Since then podcasts have seen phenomenal growth and acceptance. For some reason it’s still not super clear on HOW to start one.

Most searches on the topic bring up audio editors and producers. In my opinion that is something you only need to worry about once your podcast is huge. Some of the best podcasts out there are nothing more than a guy talking into his iPhone on his way to work.

Don’t make it complicated or you’ll never get it done.

Here are the steps to launching your podcast and keeping it super simple.

  1. Choose a theme (what is the subject or genre of your show?)
  2. Choose a name. BizNinja is already taken.
  3. Create cover art. You can use or any free online graphic software.
  4. Create an intro and outro – If you have the budget hire somebody if not just record one yourself.
  5. Record your first 3 podcasts. Episode 1 is your intro to the world and 2 and 3 are your first two regular shows.
  6. Create a basic website or landing page to send people to at the end of each podcast. I use ClickFunnels and here‘s a free 14-day trial.
  7. Create social media sites (optional)
  8. Create Libsyn account
    1. Upload your first 3 episodes to Libsyn
    2. Get your RSS Feed from Libsyn (destinations > RSS)
  9. Submit to iTunes for approval
    1. This is super easy but often lost. Open iTunes. Go to Podcasts in the dropdown on the top left. On the right under Podcast Quick Links there’s a ‘Submit a Podcast’ link.
  10. Prepare your friends and audience to help with ratings and reviews.

iTunes will walk you through a couple of steps but it’s just a fill in the blank process. My podcast was approved within 12 hours.

Good luck!

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