This was a fun one.

I’ve known Jen Esquer since before she was a Doctor of Physical Therapy and was SOOO famous. I’ve always been impressed with her down to earth approachability and willingness to handstand battle with me and our friend Jonny Bravo.

Here’s her awesome interview on YouTube, iTunes as well as direct listen.


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“Listen – I know it’s not easy. Trying to chase all them #goals. Trying to #build for your future. Trying to improve #physically, and grow #spiritually. Trying to just #balance life, and work, and friendships, and relationships, and alone time – I know it’s not easy. But I also know who you are – and I’ve watched how far you’ve come. And I know that the woman who lives inside of you is a #fighter. And she’s a #warrior. And she’s #relentless. And she’s #determined. And she will never give up. And she will never give in. And she will never quit. Beautiful girl, I know it’s not easy- but let’s be honest – nothing has ever been easy for you. And that’s the reason why you are everything you are today.” – @allthings_possible 🙏💕 #bali #uluwatu #balijjs

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