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My guest today is Alison Prince. If you don’t recognize her name you may recognize some of her online websites.

Alison is a serial entrepreneur. She loves to create new businesses but she didn’t start out that way. She received a degree as a math and science junior high teacher. When she received her first paycheck they told her she also qualified for food stamps.


[1:52] From Zero to 100K

Alison’s husband was at school first time and she just had a baby. She believed that if you got your college degree you’d have financial security. But she quickly learned how untrue that is. She began to struggle and started a tutoring job to try and supplement her income. But, this kept eating more of her time.

She hired three more teachers to tutor and she began to make money. This was the start of her first business. But, she ended up having to dissolve it due to relocating. She started many other businesses and her family began to grow at the same time. With all the chaos going on in Alison’s life she needed something steadier. She started the how does she blog with friends. This was something she could work on from anywhere and at any time. This was her first step into the online world.

Alison not only wanted to create a business but a community. Her first goal was to create a community and then learn how to monetize it. She tried to figure out what her audience was and what they related to. She began to get more sponsors that helped hammer down her audience base.

[5:55] Using Community to Gain Success

You create your own luck. When Alison began to get sponsors and advertisers it fueled her passion. It wasn’t the volume she received but the knowledge she was capturing. This also helped increase her following.

When starting her online presence, she wanted to start at zero with no following. She realized that if she started with the following she has known she wouldn’t be taken seriously. She didn’t know how to talk about her brand. She used this slow start to gather feedback from her followers and discover her voice.

Whenever Alison had a blog post she would be reaching out to other stores and shops. But she realized she needed to send them to her store. She didn’t have a lot of money so she started out with one product a day. She was planning out her products only a day or two ahead. She used her sales to start gaining her cash flow and increase her growth. Within a year and a half, it was a million dollar business.

Alison used an email list to stay in touch with her followers on new products. She set up an affiliate program and kept in touch with other bloggers. But her supplier began to run out of product. This inspired Alison to take a trip to China and find a new manufacturer. She had never imported or worked out of the country before. She was out of her comfort zone completely.

She started slowly and ended up ordering millions of dollars in product. IF you start big it’s too risky. You need to know your audience and know your product.


[13:37] Success and Legacy

Alison focuses very hard on a business for about 3 years. She then brings in people through that process to help keep it going. She builds up the best community and people that she possibly can. After the 3 years, she begins looking at something else.

She then eventually got her children into the entrepreneurial spirit. They started at the age of 10 and 13. When they were sleeping in too much Alison gave them the choice of chores or starting their own business. Her children showed excitement towards opening a business. They ended up being over $100,000 after nine months.

Her children didn’t have their hands held the entire time. They needed to go through the process and figure out what to do to be successful. Alison gave them a basic guideline to follow. They ended up being successful enough that they can fund their college if they want. Alison shared this process with a friend and they also found success. Alison realized she can begin to market this.


[18:23] Finding Your Own Success

Making connections and communities is a huge asset. When you start growing your business help others out. It will not only help their growth but your own.

You need to trust yourself. Trust your gut. It’s easy to be influenced by others you think they know more about your business but you have the vision. Follow your voice and stay true to your business. If something feels off that’s because it is.

If you’re going to fire fast and hire slow, you also need to be ready. There’s patience that needs to be had at times while trusting yourself. Once you know a decision is right that’s the easiest to make that decision. But we still seem to put it off at times and procrastinate.

[21:50] Path to Freedom

Entrepreneurship can be looked at as the path towards a better life. Your first step is to get into a community. You’re going to have a lot of questions and when you need to take it to the next level, you have that support system.

We’re all geeks about entrepreneurship. We’re all at different levels and still need support. Systematizing everything allows you more time. Use your support systems so that your business isn’t taking over your life.

The process of your first hire and even your first fire can be daunting. It’s important to have a support system. Especially making difficult decisions for your business. It’s easy to miss out on things while on your journey. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Allison wanted something inspirational so she started because I can. She wants to tell people why they can make money and open a business. It empowers her community and encourages a better lifestyle.


[26:29] Learn More About Alison Prince

Visit Alisonjprince.com if you want to learn more about Alison’s businesses or take her classes. You can also view because I can. She also shares the stories of how her children found success as well.



Episode Outline

Introduction: Creating Your Own Career Through Entrepreneurship

[1:52] From Zero to 100K

[5:55] Using Community to Gain Success

[13:37] Success and Legacy

[18:23] Finding Your Own Success

[21:50] Path to Freedom

[26:29] Learn More About Alison Prince



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